The Untold Reality Of Mister Mind

The Untold Reality Of Mister Mind

Mister Mind’s return to the DC Universe in wake of Crisis was first hinted at in Roy Thomas’ Shazam! It closed with a defeated Dr. Sivana hiding out and drinking tequila in a Mexican dive bar. He ponders how he’ll defeat Captain Marvel when he sees a worm in the bottle and has the concept of using it as a weapon in opposition to the hero. An escaped Mister Mind, hungry for revenge, assembled a brand new, smaller group which included Doctor Sivana, his evil kids Georgia and Sivana Jr, and Ibac. They attempted to assault the Marvel Family – Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr. – with a death ray that created “dream” monsters utilizing first evil thoughts and later the nightmares of Uncle Marvel.

revealing to Billy that he is using him as a host and not Doctor Sivana. Mister Mind states to the Shazam Family that he plans to use C.C. He then proceeds to summon the Monster Society of Evil leaving Dummy behind who’s tricked by Superboy-Prime into freeing him.

Shazam Reveals Mister Thoughts’s Biggest Weakness

Mr Mind claimed to be from an alien planet of worms, nonetheless he was more clever than any other. Mister Mind and Doctor Sivana plan to head to the Monsterlands in order to build the Monster Society of Evil from its inhabitants. As King Kid fights the Shazam Family in Philadelphia, Doctor Sivana and Mister Mind are directed to a boat by Dummy who cannot accompany them since he can not cope with water. When they arrive on the Dungeon of Eternity, Mister Mind states that the inmates of the Dungeon of Eternity had been gathered from all around the Magiclands and imprisoned for difficult the Council of Wizards. In addition, Mister Mind said that the Monsterlands was known as the Gods’ Realm until the day of Black Adam’s betrayal which led them to strip the gods of their powers and shut the doorways to the Magiclands.

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Mister Mind’s remains are taken into captivity and Mister Mind regenerates inside a prison cell inside the Justice League Watchtower. Similar to Kryptonian and Interlac, this was a cipher primarily based on an “alien” alphabet. Various alien characters in DC Comics have been seen utilizing it since. Oggar – An immortal sorcerer of great power, although his spells do not instantly work on females, with power and sturdiness matching Captain Marvel. Mister Atom – An indestructible and superstrong genocidal robotic, who possesses the ability of an atomic bomb.

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